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Rainbow Gifts specializes in custom laser crystal engraving. Also known as sub-surface laser photo engraving, it is an elegant way of combining the advanced laser technology with the art of photography. The resulting product is an image permanently etched inside a crystal.

Laser crystal engraving machine is made possible by the recent advancement of green semiconductor diode-pumped laser, image enhancement software, and precision computer machine control. This is further facilitated by the availability of high-quality laser crystals.

Laser crystal engraving can take the forms of 2D laser crystal engraving and 3D laser crystal engraving. In 2D laser crystal engraving, an image (photo and/or text) can be engraved directly into a crystal with an added image depth (thickness) after background removal. Because of the added image depth, 2D laser crystal engraving is sometimes referred to as 2.5D laser crystal engraving. 3D laser crystal engraving is best suited for head engraving. This can be done either by converting a 2D head photo into 3D by our artists or by the use of a special 3D camera during picture-taking.

We strive to serve our customers by providing high-quality, personalized (customized) services for your laser crystal engraving needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Your trust is the only way that can help us grow.

Please take a look at how we turn plain photos into elegant images inside the laser crystals using advanced laser crystal engraving machines. Your cherished memories can be preserved for a long time to come.

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Contact us at sales@rainbowgiftsusa.com

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